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Pro Clean Window, Inc. is an experienced, well-known and established Elk Grove Village based firm that specializes in the repair and restoration of wooden window frames and other window fittings (window sills, brick moldings, sashes and more).
They are experts in the makeover of windows that are damaged due to weather and other conditions. Fluctuating weather and a limited lifespan can interfere with the efficient functionality of your wood windows. However, that doesn’t mean you have to shell out big bucks each time for a costly full window replacement project. A smart alternative here, in most cases, is to simply opt for a repair and restoration job to breathe life back into your windows, and have them looking all new and elegant with an inexpensive repair/restoration job.

The company focuses on bringing back the original form/design rather than completely replacing them.
They try to retain as much of the original character of the window as possible, while giving it the fresh look of life it needs. Unlike replacement jobs, wood window repair jobs do not compromise the fundamental look of the window.
The wood windows may have cracked, rotted, or experienced damage in several other ways. This can be attributed to several reasons such as an inefficient or unsuitable design, vandalism, excessive moisture, insects, poor maintenance, deterioration due to the age of the wood, and more.
Repairing/Restoring the wood can lend your windows an almost new-like appearance, without costing you a fortune.